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Summaries of "The Collection of Elite SAT Guides"

The reference material students’ use can have a significant impact on their abilities to prepare for the SAT at exceptional levels. Students are usaually inundated with information about the best ways to ace the SAT from books, tutors, teachers, peers, internet and other sources. However, it can be very confusing for students to select the best solutions to prepare for the SAT at extraordinary levels to get the elite scores they desire when they take the SAT. 


From our extensive research and experiences, we (College Info Direct) have selected the following four guides and created our own internal prep guide that we believe give students the information, solutions and plans they need to ace the SAT; we provide the following five guides for elite SAT preparation:

Guide (1): “Perfect score of 2400is a guide authored by a student that outlines how he aced his SAT exam. This perfect-score student reveals how he got a score of 2400 on his SAT in an easy to follow and understandable format. He reveals to other students that want to pursue an elite or perfect score on their SATs exactly what they need to do to make their goals a reality.


Guide (2): “Cracking the SAT 2014”,published by Princeton Review, is a comprehensive full length study guide with over 700 pages of detailed information about how to master the SAT material. It provides students nearly everything they need to prepare for their SAT exam at elite levels on the three sections of the SAT: Math, Critical Reading and Writing. Also this guide provides comprehensive expert advice on how to solve and complete SAT problems and exercises.


Guides (3): “The Official SAT Study Guide”is the only guide that features official SAT® practice tests created by College Board (the owner and administrator of the SAT exam) with over 1,000 pages and 20 chapters of official information. It has a lot of information that students need to prepare for their SAT exam at elite status; it provides the only authorized source of information.


Guide (4): “SAT Solution Manual: The ideal companion volume to the Official SAT Study Guide. 2ndEdition: “The SAT Solution Manualprovides the missing link for students struggling to get detailed explanations for answers to exercises and problems in the "bible", or The Official SAT Study Guide. Nearly all students that are preparing for their SAT uses the College Board's “bible” guide because it is the only guide that contains real SAT exams from previous administered exams of the SAT. But unlike other guides for the SAT, the College Board's guide does not explain any of its answers for its practice tests in great details; it simply just supplies the answers. As a result, “The SAT Solution Manual” corrects this major problem because students that are studying and preparing for their SAT exam at elite levels need this information to make their preparation journey easier; when students are studying hard and trying their very best it can very frustrating to get the wrong answers and not have any support to explain in details what you are doing wrong: The SAT Solution Manual “corrects this major problem.


Guide (5): “Elite SAT Training Using the Navy Seals’ Mental Conditioning Techniques” is our in house created SAT prep guide that was developed by College Info Direct to fill the informational gap left void by other guides on the market today; the reasons for writing this guide are the following; (1)When it comes to preparing for the SAT, there are many myths and misinformation about the best ways to prepare for the SAT exam at elite levels until we felt the need to provide sensible and reliable information that students need to make the best decisions possible for themselves when they prepare for the SAT; (2) a big part of scoring at an elite status on the SAT involves the process of applying the traits and characteristics of mental toughness that also include developing a positive mindset. We provide techniques to help students develop a positive mindset and improve their mental toughness ;(3) When it comes to reaching a challenging goal, the process of goal setting,creating an effective plan, and implementing that plan are vital to a positive outcome; and(4) when it comes to successfully implementing a great plan for preparing for the SAT,  “taking massive  action” is one of the  most important keys to success.

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Use the example of one of our author in The Collection of Elite SAT Prep Guides;  he used his summer break during his Junior year of high school to prepare for his SAT exam that following fall. He was able to accomplished the following by acing the SAT exam; won over 200K in scholarship money; got into his dream college; and was allowed to pursue his desired college major. Now, we can't guarantee  you that you will get the same result, however it is possible when you ace your SAT.

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