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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture of a lovely college graduation summarizes the noble mission of College Info Direct. We provide families college prep information in the following areas: (1) how to ace the SAT, (2) how to take control of  college admissions process, and (3) how to use and manage the college  financial aid process. We provide families this information in an easy to understand  step-by-step format for each of these processes.  As a result of families using our informational guides many college students, with their parents looking on with admiration, will eventually be able to participate in a perfect graduation picture like the one above.


What separate our organization from other college prep organizations is that we provide common sense answers and solutions for parents and their college bound children.  For example, when it comes to providing a student information about preparing for the SAT to get an elite score we are honest and upfront about what it takes to ace the SAT. We do not pretend that we have a solution where the student that is trying to get an elite score can get one without working hard; we are upfront that if a student want an exceptional score, the studentt must be willing to  work dilligently to get an elite score.  However, we do provide a student a  sensible plan or roadmap that if the student implements this plan, the student will be sucessful at getting an elite score on the SAT. 

Welcome to the 21st century where nearly all parents and their college bound children suffer from information overload. With the advent of the internet and mass communication, nearly all of us are inundated with more information than we know what to do with. The average high school student preparing for college is overwhelmed with information about the college process until many become bewildered and confused about the entire process. Many parents that are responsible for helping their children navigate through this sea of endless information about the college preparation process are also overwhelmed from the amount contradictory and confusing information available from experts, the internet and other sources; it makes wise decisions making much harder for parents and their children when it comes to college planning and preparation because of the quantity, quality and conflicting information about the whole college prep process.

Many parents and their college bound children do not know where to begin or how to sort through this mountain of endless conflicting information to make the wisest decisions possible for planning and preparing for college. However, College Info Direct does. College Info Direct provides families with step-by-step plans and solutions to make the college preparation process as easy as possible so that they can take control of the preparation process to get the best results possible.

In a society filled with endless information sources, parents with college bound children are finding it difficult to find reliable information that is useful when it comes to helping their children prepare for college. It is a challenge for many families with college bound children to separate the reality from the hype to help their children make the best decisions possible about their future plans for college. Our organization is committed to helping families make the wisest decisions possible when it comes to college preparation.

Because information is useless if it doesn’t benefit the end users. As a result, our mission is simple: it is to bring structure and simplification to a sea of endless information about the college preparation process so that parents and their college bound children can make the wisest decisions possible when it comes to preparing and planning for college.

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Use the example of one of our author in The Collection of Elite SAT Prep Guides;  he used his summer break during his Junior year of high school to prepare for his SAT exam that following fall. He was able to accomplished the following by acing the SAT exam; won over 200K in scholarship money; got into his dream college; and was allowed to pursue his desired college major. Now, we can't guarantee  you that you will get the same result, however it is possible when you ace your SAT.

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