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Top Ten Tips/keys for Acing the SAT

Key/Tip 1: When it comes to scoring at an elite level on the SAT, the mindset of the individual student that’s preparing for the SAT will play the most important role in determining the outcome.Your mind can be your best ally or your greatest foe. It can propel you to great success or deliver you to defeat. Your mindset significantly influences whether you will reach a goal or not.


In order to reach a goal, you must first develop a positive mindset if you want to be a success in life in general or to ace your SAT. Your beliefs determine your thoughts and your thoughts determine your actions and your actions determine your final results. Consequently, your beliefs, thoughts, and actions will influence whether you will reach the goal of acing your SAT because your mindset will determine what actions you are willing to take to make it a reality.


A mindset for success simply means that your mind must be positive and geared toward success. In order for us to be successful as individuals, we must first believe within our own minds beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever we set out to do we will be successful at accomplishing it. As a result, success or failure is significantly influenced by the mindsets of the individuals pursuing their goals and dreams.


People with positive mindsets will take positive actions with convictions to make their dreams come true while people with weak or negative mindsets will lack convictions to pursue their dreams with perseverance and determination. As a result, people with positive mindsets move quickly with confidence toward their goals  while people with negative mindsets will give up too easily or never attempt challenging goals in the first place.


Key/Tip 2: In order to ace the SAT, you need excellent SAT prep material.To make the wisest decisions possible when it comes to preparing and taking the SAT, a student must navigate an ocean of endless information about the best ways to prepare for the SAT. This overload of information is a challenge for many students and their parents to navigate through without becoming overwhelmed from this amount of information; this overload of information make wise decisions making more difficult when it comes to preparing for the SAT exam. However, College Info Direct was created to provide students and their parents excellent, precise, easy to use, and understandable information about how to take control of preparing for the SAT at elite levels.  We provide students elite SAT prep guides to make acing the SAT exam a lot easier.


Key/Tip 3: Prepare over time:You cannot cram for the SAT and get a great score. The SAT covers lots of different subject matters. In order to prepare properly, it will take at least 3-6 months. The amount of time required to prepare for your SAT depends on the score you are trying to obtain and your academic background. The reason that it can take so long to prepare for the SAT at an exceptional level is that the SAT test is a lot different than from what most students have been exposed to in their high school classes. The SAT test formats and questions are designed to judge students' abilities to think critically within a limited amount of time. The SAT exam is an intellectual contest or a challenging mental marathon for nearly all students.


Key/Tip 4: To make the SAT preparation process as easy as possible, a student must develop a routine or a habit of studying for the SAT.  A student can get a lot more studying done for the SAT if that student set aside specific days and times each week for SAT preparation. A student should study vocabulary words, verbal and math topics according to the student’s weaknesses in these areas; if a student is weak in the verbal areas of the SAT, the student should spend extra time doing verbal exercises to become stronger in these areas. If a student is weak at writing, the student should put more effort into strengthening his or her abilities to write well. A student will have to work mentally harder to become stronger in the areas of weaknesses.


Key/Tip 5: Perfect practice makes perfect.  Practice, practice and practice some more with the real thing: When it comes to preparing for the SAT, it is nothing like using previous SAT exams for practice and preparation for your current SAT exam. These previous exams give students the greatest insights into what they should expect when they first set down to take the SAT for the first time. The SAT is a standardized test which means that it has recurring patterns and logic that can be learned beforehand from previous administered exams and can be used by students to help get elite scores on their current exams. As a result, these pervious administered SAT exams give students a goldmine of information that can be used for elite SAT preparation.


Key/Tip 6 : It is no secret that if you want success in any area of your life, it is always wise to pattern your actions and efforts after someone that has already been or currently successful in that particular area.  For example, if you want to ace your SAT exam, you can model your actions and efforts after one of our elite prep guide's author that got a perfect score of 2400 on his SAT. 


Key/Tip7: Aspire to be greata one hundred percent commitment to excellent leaves no room for mediocrity.  When a student combines an unyielding resolute to excellent with a great  plan for acing the SAT, an elite SAT score is assured.


 Key/Tip 8: Guard your thoughts and your vision diligently.  It has been documented and proven that our thoughts and the clarity of our vision can impact our ability to reach our goals or dreams. Before our goals or dreams materialize in the physical world they must first take place in our minds.


Key/Tip 9: If you want to reach a challenging goalyou should focus your attention like a laser on getting the required tasks done to reach that goal; Plan your work and work your plan. Multitasking is overrated when it comes to completing difficult tasks to reach challenging goals. If you want to complete difficult tasks in a short of amount of time,  focus all your mental energy on the task directly in front of you.  A laser focused mind can reach a goal quicker. 


Key/Tip 10:  If you want to be massively successful in life or to ace your SAT, you must become intensely goal and result oriented. When you set a goal, you must hold yourself accountable for doing the required tasks to bring that goal into reality.  You must develop a habit or a routine of successfully getting the required tasks done to reach a particular goal.  When you hold yourself accountable for doing whatever it takes to reach your goal, success is assured whether that building a great business or acing the SAT.


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