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The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

(1)What are the benefits of scoring at an elite level on your SAT? The following are the reasons to pursue an elite score on your SAT : (1) an elite score increases your chance of getting into your dream college; with the competition to get into selective colleges (public and private) being stiff as ever, an elite score on your SAT can make the difference between receiving an acceptance letter or a rejection letter from your dream college; (2) it has been documented that students with elite SAT scores get offered more generous financial aid packages than students with average scores ; (3) an elite SAT score increases your chances of being awarded grants, scholarships and other benefits; and (4) an elite score on your SAT gives you the confidence and self-esteem to compete against the best.


(2)What is the best way to prepare for the SAT exam at an elite status? The most effective form of learning is interactive where a student plays an active role in the learning process.   A Student can get help from teachers, parents or others but the student must do the work to get the intellectual benefits of learning.


(3)Why are mental toughness, positive mindset and positive self talk so important when it comes to acing the SAT? Mental toughness simply means that when you pursue a challenging goal you are willing to make whatever sacrifices required or necessary to make your goal a reality; a positive mindset encourage an individual to pursue their goals and dreams with convictions, perseverance and determination; and positive self talks are the ongoing conversations we have with ourselves to encourage and motivate us to continue to pursue our goals and dreams with perseverance and detemination in the face of difficulties and obstacles.  These characteristics make up our state of mind or mindset that cans significantly impact whether we reach our goals or  not.


(4)What makes your prep program, "Elite SAT Prep Training Program Using Navy Seals’ Mental Conditioning Techniques", so special? This guide helps students get into the proper mindset to ace the SAT. The SAT is a mental test or challenge; without a frame of mind geared toward conquering this challenge, a student will struggle to get an elite score.


We are honest and upfront with parents and their children about what it takes to increase their scores by 200 to 500 points on the SAT; this is done the old fashion way by students putting their noses to the grindstone (if you are a student and you have no idea what this means, go ask your parents) and studying dilligently with wisdom.


(5) What types of students will benefit the most from your type of prep program?Students with the will or the desire to study diligently with wisdom to get extraordinary scores on the SAT are the types of students that will benefit the most from our prep program.  Students with the mental capacities to study independently at high levels or students with the desire and the will to apply their maximum mental efforts with determination and perseverance to overcome any obstacles in the way to them acing the SAT. These are the students that will greatly benefit from our prep program.


(6)Does your SAT prep program benefits guys more than girls?No; in general, high school girls gets better grades than guys; however, according to SAT data, guys score on average higher on their SATs, especially on the math section, than girls. Many SAT experts contribute this difference in scoring to society encouraging competiveness and mental toughness developments among boys while subconsciously or consciously discouraging these developments among girls. Through research, the military has verified that mental toughness and competiveness can be taught and that it can benefit male and female equally.


(7) What is the one element that causes a relative few students (between 20-30 thousands out of 1.7 million students a year that takes the SAT) to score at elite levels (over 2150 on the SAT) while the overwhelming majority of students scores’ at average or below average on the SAT? Mental effort or the ability to think  SAT's ways of "Critical Thinking"; it has been documented that students that score at elite levels have developed  special skills to think at higher levels than the average scoring students or students with the abilities to think more critically than other students when it comes to answering SAT type questions.  These special skills can be developed by any student that is willing to put forth the mental effort required to learn this ability to think "SAT ways of Critical Thinking". This ability can be learned and developed by using our special study plan for acing the SAT and the SAT prep guides we recommend for elite SAT preparation. 

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