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How to Ace the SAT

High school students with aspiration to attend elite private or public colleges after high school understand that the SAT test is more than just another test; it is a test that will determine their academic futures. Their scores on the SAT will influence whether they are admitted to their dream colleges or have to settle for their second or third choice colleges. Consequently, many high school students know that high stakes testing (SAT/ACT) results can influence the amount of financial aid support they will be offered or eligible to receive for college.


Additionally, most students know that their SAT scores may impact the career majors they will be allowed to pursue once they have been admitted to college.

Students that compete to get into their dream colleges or/and highly selective colleges accept the fact that musical chairs are being played with the admissions process. At many highly selective colleges, there may be only one slot available for every 10 students that apply for admission. As a result of this intense competition for admission among students for these limited slots, an elite score on the SAT is a necessity just to be competitive for admissions consideration.


Students that want elite scores must go beyond the typical SAT prep classes offered by many high schools or the prep classes offered online or offline by organizations such as Princeton Review and Kaplan. Students that want elite scores  preparation must be preeminent and go beyond the oridinary.


Mentality (or your mindset) is your way of thinking; it is a powerful thing. It helps dictate your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, and the steps you must take to successfully reach your goals. It essentially shapes who you are as an individual. It plays a vital role in determining whether you will accomplish your goals or not because it basically programs you for success or failure depending on your thoughts. If you have a strong faith that you can accomplish your goals, your mindset or mentality will aid and abet you at reaching your desired goals because your mind will automatically generates ideas about how you can successfully reach your desired goals. However, in contrast, if you are full of doubt or mixed emotions (sometimes you believe you can reach your goals and other times you have doubts), your mindset will be full of mixed-emotions in your ability to reach your desired goals; your mindset or mentality in this situation will generate both positive and negative ideas from your mind about why you may or you may not reach your desired goals. Developing the proper mentality or a positive mindset is very important for accomplishing your goals because your beliefs and thoughts significantly influence your actions and your actions will determine your final results when it comes to reaching your goals; goals such as acing your SAT and getting into your dream college.

The SAT reference material students use can significantly impact their abilities to prepare for the SAT at exceptional levels. College bound students have a large variety of SAT prep guides available to select from for SAT preparation. However, it can be confusing, intimidating and time consuming for college bound students,with the help of their parents, to spend endless hours researching and reviewing hundreds of SAT prep guides to locate those that they believe will help them prepare for the SAT at elite levels. Consequently, College Info Direct specializes in helping college bound children sort through this maze of selecting the best available SAT prep guides for elite SAT preparation. From our extensive research and experiences, we provide a collection of elite SAT study guides to make the whole process of elite SAT preparation as easy as possible. Additionally, College Info Direct provides an in house created guide marketed by us that provides a step-by-step plan on how to ace the SAT; you can only get this very special guide by purchasing The Collection of Elite SAT Prep Guides.

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